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Divorce Information

DIVORCE (DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE ) Dissolution of marriage ends a marriage or domestic partnership. It restores the parties to single status. During this process, the Court can issue orders about: ...
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The Law Office of Christine D. Thielo is now in Claremont

I am pleased to announce that my law practice has moved to Claremont, Ca. After spending 12 years in Upland I have relocated my office to the City of Claremont where I was born and raised. I look ...
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San Bernardino Court Reorganization moves effective May 2014

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT REORGANIZATION The San Bernardino County Superior Court has announced that the new courthouse (San Bernardino Justice Center) will open for business in May of ...
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DIVORCE, LEGAL SEPARATION, & NULLITY OF MARRRIAGE PROCEEDINGS: Divorce and Legal Separation actions are both commenced by filing a Petition in the Superior Court. The grounds for requesting a ...
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DUI Being arrested for driving under the influence has become more commonplace these days. It is possible to fall into the legally defined area of being under the influence after consuming as little ...
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San Bernardino County Superior Court Reorganization.

NEWS RELEASE Release Date: February 24, 2014 SAN BERNARDINO SUPERIOR COURT VALLEY REORGANIZATION The San Bernardino County Superior Court announces that the new courthouse (San Bernardino Justice ...
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Domestic Violence and Other Restraining Orders

Emergency Protective Order An Emergency Protective Order is a type of restraining order that only law enforcement can ask for by calling a judge. Judges are available to issue Emergency Protective ...
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Juvenile Justice

Attorney Christine D. Thielo was editor in chief of the Journal of Juvenile Law, University of La Verne Law Review 2001-2002. In her practice Attorney Thielo takes a special interest in juvenile cases ...
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Changes in Family Law 2013

Several new and significant laws have been enacted in the past year in the area of California Family Law. A list of those changes set forth below does not include all aspects of the new laws so please ...
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Child Support information

Child Support General Information: Child support is the dollar amount ordered by the court for the support of children. One parent or both parents may be ordered to pay support. Child support is for ...
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Child Custody

Temporary child custody orders are based on the best interest of the minor child. In determining best interest the court will look at relevant factors and all circumstances that establish the best ...
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Parents have a duty to support their minor children Each parent has a duty to support their child/children in a manner suitable to the child's circumstances, and that duty is applied to each ...
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Welcome to our Claremont Legal Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Claremont Legal Blog.
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